Join Us in Celebrating the Unstoppable Spirit of Women Athletes

Women have continuously shattered records, defied stereotypes, and pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of sport. At Fan Focus, we are committed to celebrating and supporting women athletes at all levels, from casual to professional.

Spotlight on Future Champions

We are proud to use our platform to showcase and develop emerging talents in women’s sports. These young athletes are not just rising stars in their respective fields; they are role models for the next generation, proving that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Girl soccer player

Leveling the Playing Field

While great progress has been made, we still face challenges in creating gender equality in sports. Our Fan Focus team, and our brand partners, are committed to advocating for equal pay, better representation in media, and more significant investment in women’s sports.

A Female-Led Platform

As a woman-run group, Fan Focus keeps the needs and opportunities of female athletes at the top of our agenda.

We also contribute a portion of the proceeds of every event toward nonprofits that forward the goals of increasing female sports opportunities, including:

  • Soccer Without Borders
  • Move the Goal Post
  • AYSO Play
  • Right to Dream
Fan Focus leadership

Stephanie and Jessica – Business development

Our Partners in Elevating Women's Sports